Pain is sometimes inevitable, suffering is always optional. Let's get my ex back!

How do I recover quickly? How do I get my ex back?

Recovering after a breakup or getting your ex back is not an easy process. Many people are ashamed to ask for advice or help on this. If you don’t have or are not able to learn the skill-set required to set off on a successful journey, you may never get out of the pain, anxiety and depression. If you haven’t done so, please go through the main page first. You will find a lot of useful tips there and it should be enough to point you in the right direction. When I was in misery, I got the support I desperately needed so I could recover quickly and get my ex back. I think it is only fair to offer the same to you.

About my service

If you think you need further support, below you’ll find a description of a service I provide.
Some months are busier than others so above the pricing table you will find an availability check, which displays a sign that says either

‘  service still available ‘ or ‘ fully booked at the moment
Please also note that I do not take on cases where physical violence occurred.
I am not the guy who takes 1000 bucks for a 30 minute session where there is not even enough time to express what happened.

                                                             What we will work on

This means looking for destructive patterns, habits, and communication problems, determining how much you “contributed” towards the break-up, etc. This will help you avoid making the same mistakes again, and will give you insight into what you need to work on in order to positively transform yourself, get your ex back and maintain a fully functional relationship – be it with your ex or someone new.

We would get nowhere without improving your mental state. We will work on reducing the common post break-up symptoms such as: trauma, depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, total loss of motivation, etc. We will also try to rewire your neurological pathways to focus on the main goal and positive things. All the steps in the plan are essential and can’t be neglected. This one, however, is the most fundamental and has to be started as soon as possible as it serves as fuel for other steps in the process.

Before embarking on your transformation journey, we will work on a few sub-steps that will increase chances of :

your ex not getting into rebound

a rebound not lasting long given that your ex already entered one

your ex missing you more

your ex questioning their decision

strengthening the bond between you and your ex even though you are not together

your ex feeling positively about you and considering possible reconciliation

successful transformation

Setting goals

 Keeping up with your transformation schedule

 Using social media to widespread your positive change

 Weekly progress check-ups

It's time to look back, realize what you’ve achieved and make the most important decision.

There will be only 2 options at this point.

First: You’ve been working hard on yourself, thus you've increased your chances for getting your ex back.

So you can opt to pursue this or

Second: Maybe you’ve realized you want to live your own life without your ex.

If you decide to go for the first option, I will help you get ready for that.

with a Solid plan on how to approach your ex .

✓Service still available

For each additional month $79.99

Making a customized plan on the go

replying to your questions within 24 hours.

See what we will work on for more information.

- If I am available, please describe your breakup story in great detail, something as I did on the main page and send it over to

I will go through it and may ask you some additional questions and then when I’ve got all the information I need, I’ll send you a paypal invoice.

- once payment received, I will start working on your case.

- means of communication: email




Confidentiality/Privacy Policy
     (I, me) shall not disclose any client’s information to third parties. All services are performed solely by me and are never outsourced.
Client’s personal details are not needed. The Only information required is: gender, age, and breakup story.
I’m not involved in any partnership programmes.
All communication exchanged between clients and me is fully secured by Google gmail with all the advanced security measures implemented.
No communication shall be disclosed by either party.

Terms of Service
The Terms are pretty straightforward.
Once the service is initiated (paid for) I will reply to your questions within 24 hours. If, for any reason, I’m not able to respond in a timely manner, I will extend my service by 1 week for each day this happens.
I cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage (physical, mental, financial) caused by my service before, during and after the service period.
I’m not a doctor, or a psychologist.
If you feel unwell, self-destructive or suicidal, seek professional help immediately.
Getting your ex back is not 100% guaranteed. However, I can confidently say that my service
will dramatically increase your chances of reconciliation and more importantly, improve your life.


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